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We are Culligan of Cookeville, your water technology experts proudly serving Northern Tennessee. Our dealership specializes in providing water softeners, reverse osmosis systems, water coolers, water filtering and softener salt delivery service to area homes and businesses.


For over 65 years, Culligan of Cookeville's mission has been to deliver high-quality water treatment products that will benefit every part of our customers' lives. We hope to raise the quality of life by purifying its most essential element: water.
We've seen about every water problem imaginable and we've solved these problems to deliver the refreshing, clean and pure water that's become our hallmark. Water treated with Culligan softeners or filtration systems will make an impression on you and your household or work.
Culligan of Cookeville
Reviews for Culligan Water Conditioning of Cookeville, TN
Overall rating: 4.8/5

Fantastic job! Excellent communication, the crew showed up on time and I am very pleased with my new filter system. Would highly recommend!

We needed a water treatment solution for our home. Everyone we came into contact with at Culligan in Cookeville was friendly and professional. There was no pressure to purchase and installation happened quickly. We are very happy with our purchase.

I have struggled for months on how to get good quality filtered water that I can see for myself not just take the information that’s on a purified, distilled, spring plastic jug or bottles. I came across a Culligan at the home and garden show in Cookeville, I got to sample the water that they provide through their filtration system. And I have to say I was absolutely impressed with the taste of this water. I normally drink nothing but coffee and water all day. And I did not want to continue to spend money on plastic bottles not knowing of what was really in them. I called Brandon Crossman with Culligan, and he sent out two of the tech installers. They first tested my tapwater, and showed me the levels of sediment, chlorine, just to name a few that was in my tapwater. After they installed the filtration system, they ran the test again and the difference was day and night. They were very thorough and explained a lot of how the water is better for us and how it is filtered. The techs were very knowledgeable very professional, they did a great job. I am so pleased and thrilled to have Culligan water that I can pour out of my tap every day for the same amount of money that I was paying in plastic water bottles. I now have a peace of mind of the water that is going into my family‘s body that’s not causing more damage, makes me sleep better at night. If you guys have not called Culligan to get a free estimate on how they can improve the water quality that you are both taking showers with and drinking give them a call. Highly recommend.

Great water! Great experience! Brandon is the best!

Awesome, professional and super friendly. Always willing to answer questions and make yearly maintenance/filter changes and salt replenishment easy and convenient for the customer. My water is so much better - I can actually use my water and ice for drinking now instead of buying it, and I’m not having to constantly clean lime and sediment build up out of my lines and faucets. That has saved me much time and frustration, and even money in the long run.

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Culligan of Elizabethtown is the place to go to take care of hard water issues experienced by most people in Hardin County. The product(s) and the service that our local Culligan provides are the best. Dale has been great in the 30 years or so that we have had Culligan products in our homes. First thing we did when we bought a new home was "call Culligan"!
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Joan C
- Culligan Customer