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Why Culligan?

The quality of your home's water has always been important. And recent media coverage of contaminants and hard water issues has only increased the concern.
But with a crowded water softening market and wide-ranging filtration options, it can be difficult to make the right decision for your family.
So why exactly should you choose Culligan for your water softening and water filtration needs?
You can trust our Culligan technology.
  • If you suffer from hard water, we're proud to offer the best water softeners on the market, including the Culligan High Efficiency (HE) model - which is 46 percent more efficient than other popular brands.
  • Considered a Consumers Digest Best Buy, the dependable performance of our HE softener is backed by one of the most extensive warranties in the industry.
  • You can rest assured knowing our Culligan reverse osmosis (RO) systems are certified to reduce every EPA-regulated contaminant, more than 100 in total.
  • We continue to develop industry-leading technology, such as the Culligan Connect™ app for high efficiency water softeners and the ClearLink PRO™ reverse osmosis drinking water system accessory.
Our service will always exceed your expectation.
  • You can expect prompt arrival, friendly service and trustworthy help with our salt and water delivery services.
  • We will work with you to diagnose the water issues unique to your home, so we can recommend personalized solutions within your budget.
  • Every Culligan product you choose is backed by its own Limited Lifetime Warranty.
We are your local water experts, with industry experience dating back to 1936.
  • Our EPA-certified lab is equipped for in-depth water testing and analysis - helping you identify all issues related to your home's water.
  • Your local Culligan men and women are actively involved and hold leadership positions in many different industry associations, including the Water Quality Association (WQA).
  • Residential water treatment isn't our only speciality, as we have the knowledge and expertise to serve your commercial and industrial businesses, too.
  • When you choose Culligan, you are working with an industry leader. Culligan holds more patents on water treatment equipment and processes than anyone else in the world.
  • All Culligan employees are dedicated to the communities they serve and participate in a wide range of philanthropic events and fundraising campaigns.
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What Clients Say
I have struggled for months on how to get good quality filtered water that I can see for myself not just take the information that’s on a purified, distilled, spring plastic jug or bottles. I came across a Culligan at the home and garden show in Cookeville, I got to sample the water that they provide through their filtration system. And I have to say I was absolutely impressed with the taste of this water. I normally drink nothing but coffee and water all day. And I did not want to continue to spend money on plastic bottles not knowing of what was really in them. I called Brandon Crossman with Culligan, and he sent out two of the tech installers. They first tested my tapwater, and showed me the levels of sediment, chlorine, just to name a few that was in my tapwater. After they installed the filtration system, they ran the test again and the difference was day and night. They were very thorough and explained a lot of how the water is better for us and how it is filtered. The techs were very knowledgeable very professional, they did a great job. I am so pleased and thrilled to have Culligan water that I can pour out of my tap every day for the same amount of money that I was paying in plastic water bottles. I now have a peace of mind of the water that is going into my family‘s body that’s not causing more damage, makes me sleep better at night. If you guys have not called Culligan to get a free estimate on how they can improve the water quality that you are both taking showers with and drinking give them a call. Highly recommend.
Culligan Customer
Dana De'Ann Diamond
- Culligan Customer